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Chinese porcelain industry continued its rapid development in Qing Dynasty. Here is a set of high quality green color Qingyou porcelain tea set. The colour was perfectly protected under the hard glaze, enabling long-term use and reserve. Glaze wares were successfully produced and rapidly matured, to mark that combination of Chinese painting and porcelain production reached maturity and color-under-glaze porcelain wares developed to a record high. 

Material: Qingyou China

Includes: 8 Cups, 1 Tea Pot, 1 Fair Cup, 1 Filter Cup, Gift Box

Dimension Of Filter: Height 6 cm, Diameter 7.5 cm
Dimension Of Tea Pot:  Height 8.5 cm, Diameter 12 cm
Dimension Of Fair Cup Height 5.5 cm, Diameter 10 cm
Dimension Of Tea Cup: Height 3.5 cm, Diameter 7.5 cm