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The history of pottery can be traced back through 8,000 years, while porcelain in the country has a history over 2,000 years. During the Song Dynasty (960-1279), this culture came to a climax. A variety of chinaware appeared. Particularly representative of that time are the products of the official kiln (Guan Yao in Chinese). Guan Yao produces high-class chinaware for royalty – either for daily use or decoration. This set would bring you an imperial royal feeling while appreciating tea culture.

Material: Guanyao China

Includes: 6 Cups, 1 Tea Pot, 1 Fair Cup, Gift Box

Dimension Of Tea Pot: Height 8 cm, Diameter 10 cm
Dimension Of Fair Cup Height 7.5 cm, Diameter 7 cm
Dimension Of Tea Cup: Height 4 cm, Diameter 6.5 cm